Breakfast and Dessert Menus

Small A5 menus for tables out on the terrace of one of Covent Gardens most sophisticated and popular Restaurants.


External Case Menu

To catch passing trade, all menus are also worked up into single sided versions for display cases, catching potential diners as they pass, yet keeping inside clear.


Kids Meal Deal Aboard

Exciting colours and a London theme on this Kids aboard always gets the kids tugging sleeves outside the doors of one of Covent Gardens Finest Restaurants.


Kids Menu

Kids Meal Deal theme continues inside with a Menu designed for drawing all over with games, puzzles and word searches.


Festive Tea Flyer

A pack of cards based on ideas from Teachers of proactive ways to begin a class. Quirky imagery was used to engage the students with the Teachers, which would lead to discussion, debate and brain stimulation.

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